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Am I too old to take the ACT?


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I took the ACT a number of years ago. Are my scores still valid?

ACT scores from more than five years ago may no longer be appropriate because they may not reflect your current level of educational development.

If you have been out of high school for a year or more, your skills, attitudes, and life situation may differ from those of the traditional college-bound student. For instance, you may use a skill such as math constantly in your work, or you may use this skill only rarely. You may be more highly motivated than the average college student, but your job and family responsibilities may make more demands on your study time. Your ACT results should be considered in the context of such factors when you discuss your college plans and course load with your academic adviser.

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How do I report my old scores to a college?

You may request to have your scores sent to others for any test date after October 1, 1966.

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If I want to take the test now, how do I register?

If you have applied to a college in your local area, ask the admission or testing office whether they offer the ACT on campus through residual testing. If they do not, see our ACT Registration page for information about registering to test on a national test date.

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Do I qualify for financial aid?

As a returning student, you may be eligible for various forms of financial aid, including need-based government programs.

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