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ACT® WorkKeys® Testing Irregularity Report

The ACT® WorkKeys® Testing Irregularity Report (IRR) form is to be used to record every ACT WorkKeys testing irregularity, no matter how minor an incident may seem at the time. An irregularity is defined as “any incident that is out of the norm for administering an ACT WorkKeys testing session.” A WorkKeys Testing Irregularity Report must be submitted as soon as possible after an incident occurs.

As you fill out the ACT WorkKeys Testing Irregularity Report form below, please follow these guidelines.

  • Group Irregularities. To report an irregularity that affects a group of examinees (e.g., one room or the entire site), please submit only one form, but enter the Name and Examinee ID of each affected examinee in the appropriate fields, separated by semicolons (;).
  • Individual Irregularities. To report an irregularity that affects a single examinee (e.g., sudden acute illness) or several individuals involved in a single incident (e.g., communicating answers to each other), please submit a separate form for each examinee.
  • Several Irregularities per Individual. If a single examinee experiences multiple irregularity issues, please submit a separate form for each issue. This is important to ensure the accuracy of categorizing, reporting, and analyzing IRR data, particularly if a different Issue Category and Subcategory are necessary to classify each issue.

Required fields marked required.

Test Site Information
Examinee(s)/Irregularity Details
Click here for detailed instructions on selecting the appropriate Issue category and subcategory.
Test Information
  1. Test Voided?
  2. Test Completed? Required
Test Coordinator
Person Filing Irregularity

Review the information above to ensure it is accurate before submitting this form.

A copy of this report will be emailed to the addresses provided above.

NOTE: Always keep a copy of your completed form on file for future reference.